Born in staten island raised in the bronx learned spanish in puerto rico living in florida.

Singer, song writer & have two songs on two various artist albums up to date.

My goal in music is to continue to release songs. g-d willing a few albums worth.

Considered a freestyle artist since writting my first song at the age of 16 that was released on latin freestyle rebels 2016 titled cried.

You can view my first song release titled hurt no more under freestyle artist reuben on you tube performed in new jersey.

I am of christian faith.

I am engaged i have no kids but looks like i very well may become a step dad g-d willing.

i may not watch the best movies when i put one on but when i do it's a 3-d movie 99 1/2% of the time.

the first few times djing for an audience or singing was out on the streets or in their homes high school years.

I'm now djing for with mixes. you can find a different mix up every once in a while on soundcloud under

favorite quotes: where ever you go there you are, some say at the age of 6 i made it is what it is go viral.

love blts, pizza, wings, shrimp, fish, steak, gyros, tacos, rice & beans, pasta, shakes, soda, h20, rockstar, oj, milk strait from cows, list go'es on have to have coffee/tea

don't have a favorite singer but i'd be guided to play some freestyle most likely a talent of many.

& you can see a video on my wall opening up for judy toress if you like throw backs. throw me a beat i'll write to it.

think i'm a start collecting socks.  
                                                                           your boy dj reuben