If I had to take you back....way back back into time it would all start in 1984 at 11 years young. It's really when it all began isn't it? The passion, art ,style, culture drew me in. By 1987 I was Djing teen events at the local Y in Queens. By the time I turned 18 I focused my free time on cars, clubs, ect and had stopped mixing completely. 

FFWD to 2002 when I met Ted from DOF to become DOFCH a collaboration with Willy V from Freestyle Club Hits. Ultimately these sites became Freestyle.FM as well as AllDance.Fm during these years 2002 - 2012 I broke out the vinyl that I had been lugging around for 15 years and so it began.....I was back at it doing mobile work as well as Djing for my own i-radio station

"The Freestyle Vault" on Live 365. Ultimately I closed the i-radio station and started to mix live on Freestyle.fm on Sunday Nights obviously I called the show "The Freestyle Vault" that show turned into the Friday Night Freestyle Vault and transitioned  to AllDance.Fm with the site merger.

In 2012 when AllDance closed down I had launched FreestylePhanatics and had an awesome time with of course "The Freestyle Vault" to keep it short and to the point Freestyle Phanatics was an awesome site with many Dj's, Listeners, and str8 up a solid family. FFWD to 2019 when Chaz and I decided to turn it all back...back to the way it was the way it should be....it's how it should be done!


NYCSubwayStation.Com yea were back and we are here to stay. I would like to take this time and say thank you to all the Phanatics family that has shown love and support to the new site, station, and DJ's we are all seasoned in our craft and together we bring that heat right to you. I urge you to give us a try...tune in on the main stream 24-7 or even better during 1 of our Live uninterrupted video broadcasts. https://nycsubwaystation.com  is a concept to reality site...Take a ride aboard the train and stand clear of the closing doors.  DJ Phanatic aka Rob LaRock