7:00 - 10:00 PM ET


"Dj Chilly Chaz" from Queens New York. I began my musical journey in the 1980's having a boombox radio and listening to radio stations 98.7 KissFM, 107.5WBLS and Hot103.5

I heard the Legendandy Dj RedAlert, Chuck Chillout, Glen Friscia and Scott Blackwell. The mixing skills of these djs were incredible, as a young man my friends and I would listen every chance we got. The days and nights spent sitting on the stoop in the warmer months where awesome just hearing them mix.

Groups like RUN DMC and many other Hip Hop artists got me interested in breakdancing and the hip hop culture. The movies Beat Street and Krush Groove, also influenced me to get my first dj setup at about 13 yrs old.

I remember getting my first radio shack mixer and 2 Onkyo turntables and I never will forget getting records and practicing countless countless hours. 

I began DJaying roller rinks in my area and teen night parties thanks to two great friends BIG AL and JR . It was a great feeling to dj for my friends and be able to see various singers who's record I would buy. It was a great time in my life.


I grew older and began DJaying at locations all over Queens NY. I have enjoyed doing video and audio setups for bands at big resort hotels companies.

Phanatic and I started our journey on a website called Freestyle FM. where he had a show called The Freestyle Vault. We always wanted to have our own Website/Station and after many years we finally did it. We named it NYC SUBWAY STATION and on Memorial Day 2019 we launched it. Phanatic and I later met DJNICE and decided to bring him on as a partner, together the three of us have put in many hours into creating the website/station to be able to have a platform to call our own.

Thank you to anyone that has shown interest in our creation. I hope you enjoy the ride and get your foundations shaking to the beat up and down the streets to the sweet beats